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Office Spaces
Starting a business in Gaborone or anywhere in Botswana is simple and time-saving. We help you set up a company in Botswana. People have their own perspectives and perceptions of Botswana particularly when it comes to business setup and getting an office space. But it is necessary to have the right advice from the right source before you set up a business in Business. To start a business in Business, it is advisable to seek advice only from an individual who works 24* 7 in the field of business setup, as the subject deals with legal issues and complicated norms. Business Set Up Consultants have a proven track record in providing expert suggestions when it comes to business set up in Botswana. Our highly experienced Business Set Up specialists give you the support and services to help you with company formation in Botswana and other related services.
Business Setup and Support Services
Are you planning to start a business in Botswana? We can help you to set it up from the initial stages itself. Our team of professionals have exceptional knowledge and experience in setting up a business in Botswana. It will begin from finding a reliable sponsor for your business, obtaining a license and all the other formalities for successful inception and fruitful operation of your business in Botswana. We will also guide you regarding the best type of license depending on the choice of your business.
Company formation in Botswana
Botswana has been the most sought after destination for business organisations across the continent. It has played a pivotal role in the growth of some of the most prominent business firms. The laws in the Republic of Botswana have been conducive for the commencement of businesses. Hence, Botswana is the best option for anyone dreaming of a great future in business. The country with well-developed and superior infrastructure facilities offers the best atmosphere for businesses. With regulations that are advantageous for the firms to gain boundless profit and prosper, the influx of expats to begin business operations in Botswana has been increasing rapidly.
Licensing Services
Every business firm must possess a business license for operating in Botswana. The procedure for acquiring a business license in Botswana will include approvals from ministries and departments according to the type of business. Business licenses have three main sub-types, Commercial License, Manufacturing License and Industrial License. The official formalities towards licenses have to be followed judiciously to ensure receipt of licenses in time.
Visa Services
Botswana offers different types of visa based on your purpose of visit, such as business visa, tourist visa, employment visa and so on. Our major visa services encompass tourist visa, investor visa, work visa, family visa, business visa, dependant visa, and more. Several offices and departments are involved in the processing and issuance of a visa. Being one of the most reputed visa services, you can assign it to us, unconcerned. Our team will carry out the task as quickly and without hassle to you.
Bank Account opening
You need to open a corporate account for company formation in Botswana. The process will involve the submission of documents proving your identity, license details and authority of your business firm and other related approvals. Even though the procedure is uncomplicated, it can turn problematic at times. Priscom Enterprises has close tie-ups and relations with all the elite banks in the Republic of Botswana. We can assist you in opening a corporate bank account. Our team will prepare all the documents required for the account and forward the process. We will charge only a minimal fee for account opening assistance. You can remain stress-free, while our representative undertakes the process for you
Brand Protection Services
Intellectual property registration is essential for certain kinds of businesses. We will help you preserve your brand and its specialities. Our brand protection services ensure that the intellectual property of business organisations and individuals are not stolen or misused. We undertake Industrial Property protection of Trademarks, inventions, formulae etc. And copyright protection of creative works including art and literature. Priscom Enterprises undertake the official formalities for brand protection in a responsible manner. We understand the hard work and effort put in for creating trademarks, inventions and artworks. Our team will carry out the specified procedure as per laws in the Republic of Botswana. To acquire intellectual property rights, copyright and patents for you.
Company Liquidation Services
Company liquidation, also known as company cancellation and company dissolution is a complicated task. You will require the support of an experienced agency for company liquidation. It involves tedious paperwork and approvals from various departments. Any error in the documentation or negotiation can affect you adversely. Therefore, the agency must be trustworthy too. The company has to be registered primarily for liquidation. The shareholders, other parties and governmental agencies will be a party in the process. The negotiations and discussions with parties will be bothersome for you since you lack the expertise. Our professionals will do the needful for you. They will forward the process in a well-formulated manner. Thus, accomplishing it in the best possible way.